Unified Social Information System - USIS

A unified social sector information system is the basis for digital transformation of social assistance to citizens

What is the Unified Social Information System (USIS)?

The UISSS is a comprehensive system designed to automate all areas of social support by all social institutions within a single information environment and technological platform.

This system enables every citizen in need of social support to quickly receive any type of assistance through the front office in the territorial community and the ASC, or through the electronic services of the Diia Portal. UIISS is an important component in ensuring the successful digitalization of the social sector.

The basis of the UISSS is the Unified Social Register (USR), which contains information about everyone who is entitled to, receives or has ever received any type of state social support.

What has changed thanks to the EIISS?

Payments and benefits for IDPs The introduction and development of a centralized system of assignment, calculation and payment of of benefits for IDPs in the UIISS allowed to ensure

  • Convenient and quick access to services, including through automatic identity verification;
  • storage of all personal data at the central level, which made it impossible to lose or unauthorized use of this data, in particular, at the local level in case of hostilities or occupation of the territory;
  • paperless - creation and transfer of electronic files instead of paper files, automatic recording of all data changes made by local social security officers in the UIISS;
  • easy transition to services from one social protection agency to another in case of a change of place of actual residence of an IDP.

The digitalization of this package of services does not stop for a moment - it allows implementing the joint project of the Ministry of Social Policy and the Ministry of Digital Transformation to provide IDPs with social services online in Diia, without the involvement of civil servants and the need to visit social protection agencies every time they move to a new place, collect certificates and other bureaucracy. Now, through Diia, you can

  • apply for IDP status and benefits;
  • change the place of residence if a person has moved to another city in Ukraine
  • cancel IDP status if a person has returned to their place of permanent residence.

So far, more than 1.5 million people have used this service.

6 types of benefits

The digitalization of social benefits in the UISSS launched last year has had a positive impact on increasing the transparency of the payment system, in particular, the payment of the 6 most popular social benefits in Rivne and Zhytomyr regions was introduced, namely allowances for children under guardianship or custody; for children with serious illnesses who have not been diagnosed with a disability; for adoption of a child; for low-income families; for children to single mothers; for persons with childhood disabilities and children with disabilities.

Implementation of the Register of Social Service Providers and Recipients (hereinafter - the Register)

Starting from February 16, 2023, the Unified Social Sphere Information System introduced a section of the Register of Social Service Providers and Recipients, which ensures the accumulation, storage and use of data on social service providers and recipients defined by law. The Register brings together public and private providers on one platform. For social service providers, the Register is the basis for a transparent market and healthy competition. And for citizens, it is an opportunity to find the necessary social services in their region online using a dashboard.

Payments to victims of the Russian Federation's explosion of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station

The technical capability of the EISS services allowed us to quickly implement financial assistance to the victims. It is important that even the loss of the original passport or other identity documents is not an obstacle to receiving assistance, as social protection authorities use the information about the person available in the Unified State Demographic Register and other state information resources.

The owner of the Unified Social Sphere Information System is the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, and the administrator is the State Enterprise Information and Computing Center of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine