Support the humanitarian platform eDopomoga!

SE “Information and Computing Center of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine” has developed a humanitarian platform eDopomoga, which allows you to collect the needs of the population for humanitarian aid and deliver it to everyone who needs it.

However, state funding for the Enterprise's projects has almost halved, because in the conditions of a full-scale war, the state directs all financial resources to support the country's defense capabilities, therefore the activity of the eDopomoga project is supported by charitable contributions.

The company decided to open an account and collect charitable contributions from foreign and domestic individuals and legal entities (donors) to support the eDopomoga humanitarian platform.

Funds from the charity account will be directed to:

• Support of IT specialists of the project, who provide development, maintenance and configuration of the eDopomoga humanitarian platform;

• Support of the project's contact center, which is engaged in processing applications of those in need on the platform, coordination of benefactors for targeted delivery of aid;

• Support of technical services of the platform.

We are asking you to consider the possibility of providing charitable assistance, necessary for effective support of citizens of Ukraine in the current crisis conditions, through the eDopomoga humanitarian platform.

Charitable financial assistance can be transferred to the following accounts:

Link to the payment page: