Dashboard of social service providers - we are working to increase transparency and accessibility of information in the social sphere

The Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine has launched a dashboard on its website that will help you find and visualize information about social service providers. From now on, recipients and providers will be able to view information from the Register of Providers and Recipients of Social Services of the Unified Social Sector Information System in a convenient format.

Using the dashboard filters, users can view basic information about social service providers operating in Ukraine, including address, phone number, website, etc.  In addition, users can filter providers by region, district, and territorial community, as well as search by EDRPOU, provider name, and type of social service. This will help users find the nearest social service provider and contact them in person or online.

The dashboard provides open access to information about social service providers, which allows citizens to be more informed about what social services are provided in their region. Also, this tool will greatly simplify the search for the necessary information for organizations involved in social support. It will allow to find social service providers more efficiently and quickly, which in turn will have a positive impact on the quality and speed of social support.

We would like to draw the attention of social service providers to the fact that the Register of Social Service Providers and Recipients in the part that provides information about social service providers has been operating in the industrial environment since February 16, 2023.

If you, as a social service provider, submitted documents to the Ministry of Social Policy for registration in the Register before November 2022, such information was entered into the Register. At the same time, all social service providers who submitted documents to the Ministry of Social Policy before the start of the Register's operation in the industrial environment must submit documents in accordance with the Procedure for the Formation, Maintenance and Access to the Register of Social Service Providers and Recipients, approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 99 of January 27, 2021, to the registrars to enter the relevant information about the providers in the Register.

The dashboard can be found on the official website of the Ministry of Social Policy

Please note that the dashboard is currently in test mode. The team of the Ministry of Social Policy is working to ensure that the information from the Register will be displayed in real time in the near future.

For reference:

Social service providers - legal entities and individual entrepreneurs that meet the Criteria for the activities of social service providers are included in the section "Social Service Providers" of the Register of Social Service Providers and Recipients.

Social Service Providers and Recipients is an automated information and telecommunication system designed to collect, register, accumulate, store, use, depersonalize and destroy data on social service providers and recipients as defined by law. The Register is a part of the Unified Social Sphere Information System.

The dashboard was created by the Ministry of Social Policy and the State Enterprise "SIC of the Ministry of Social Policy" with the support of the World Bank Ukraine Project "Modernization of the Social Support System of Ukraine".