Today we celebrate the Day of Vyshyvanka!

This day is special for us, because embroidery is not only a beautiful painting on fabric, but also a symbol of our national pride and heritage. It embodies beauty, talent and boundless love for our land.

Vyshyvanka unites us, regardless of age, gender or origin. It tells us about our traditions, history and uniqueness. Wearing an embroidered shirt is a manifestation of your individuality and willingness to support our culture.

On this day, let's proudly wear our embroidered shirts and tell the world about our beauty! Let's celebrate this holiday together, share our impressions and photos on social media with the hashtag #VyshyvankaDay.

May every stitch on an embroidered shirt be filled with love and harmony, and may our national culture be preserved and flourish forever!

Happy Vyshyvanka Day!!!!