On Children's Day, the pilot project "Money Follows the Child" begins

 As of today, within the framework of the pilot project "Money Follows the Child", which is being implemented by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine and the State Enterprise "IOC of the Ministry of Social Policy", families with children who have the social status of children with disabilities or children from large families aged 7-18 years from among the poor living in the territories that were under temporary occupation, are in the zone of active hostilities, or are on the border with the Russian Federation, will be able to receive funds for recovery and recreation.

 How to get funds for a child's recovery:

- Parents (persons replacing them) of children who meet the above criteria will receive a notification of the right to receive funds for the payment of health and recreation services by electronic message.

- After receiving the notification, you need to contact PrivatBank and get a card with a special mode of use, which will be credited with state funds in the amount of five subsistence minimums

- After receiving funds, go to the website in the "Search for institution" section

- It is necessary to check the box next to "e-Health (for owners of special bank accounts)" and click the "Search" button

- Choose an institution from the list and click "Submit an application"

- After specifying your personal data, click the button "Check in the list"

- Enter data about the child you want to heal in the selected institution by clicking "Select" and fill out the application

- Check the specified data and click "Submit application" again

- Contact the institution or get feedback from the institution and agree on all the necessary issues.

- Arrive at the institution on the specified date and pay for the ticket with a special card obtained from PrivatBank.

 The purpose of the experimental project is to provide children who need special social attention and support with health and recreation services.