Join us and digitize social services with us!

Your support is important for the resilience of Ukrainian society. By donating technical equipment, you will help to improve the effectiveness of social protection services for those in need.

We collect computers, laptops, network equipment and anything else that can technically enhance the work of Ukraine's social welfare agencies and deliver them to those departments that are in dire need.

Our goal is to help improve the provision of social services to citizens.

We believe that access to technology is a key factor in the development of society and individual success.

Our team is constantly working to ensure that citizens in need of social assistance can receive it quickly from the comfort of their homes and without wasting time in queues.

To achieve this, all employees of social protection agencies must be technically equipped and have uninterrupted access to systems such as the Unified Social Information System, Social Community, the Unified Database of Internally Displaced Persons, and others. Running not people, but megabytes - this is the main priority of the State Enterprise Coordination Center of the Ministry of Social Policy.

We are digitizing the social sphere despite the challenges of war. Let's unite for the people who need it most!

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