Money follows the child: a pilot project for financing the health and recreation of children at the expense of budget funds

 The Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine together with the SE "IOC of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine" launched a pilot project called "Money Follows the Child". The purpose of this project is to provide funding for health and recreation services for children who need special attention and support, at the expense of budget funds. It will be implemented as an experiment that will allow testing the new payment monetization system.

In particular, families with children who found themselves in the most difficult conditions, such as living in territories that were under temporary occupation, zones of active hostilities or the border with the Russian Federation, as well as low-income families with children, belonging to certain categories (for example, children with disabilities, children from large families) will have the opportunity to receive funds for recovery and recreation.

 Parents or persons replacing them will receive notification of the right to receive funds for the payment of health and recreation services through electronic messages. If the recipient has the "Action" mobile application on his electronic device, he will automatically receive a message about the possibility of receiving financial assistance.

In order to receive the service, parents or guardians will be able to get a special card, with limited possibilities of use, to which funds will be credited to pay for health services. With the help of this card, the family will be able to pay for services in health facilities participating in the project.

The project will start on June 1. Children aged 7-18 will be able to get better under the program. So, already from the beginning of summer, families whose children meet the above criteria will be able to take advantage of the opportunity to improve the health of their children in the Carpathians.